Mommy She
31 May 09

The 2nd bday of the day.

My Papa's Bday.Celebrated it at the Marco Polo Hotel- Spice Market, Tsim Tsa Tsui. We had dinner buffet.The food is super delicious. They have different cuisine to choose from. Super sulit ni arman ang hagen daz.ahaha! Highly recommended :) Sayang lang my 2 brothers were not here to celebrate with us. Happy Bday my dear Papsi. We loveu sooooooo much. We wish you good health and more birthdays to come. mwah mwah! :) I will always be ur little princess :)

Their turn. how sweet! :) Love them to bits. :)Happy birthday papa!!!! :)
Mommy She
07 Jun 09

My first time at Shek-O. and arman's first time to go to the beach in HK. Too bad i wasnt able to bring our beach attire because i didnt know that we're going to swim (duh?! engot.haha ) Sayang. Naiinggit kame to death sa knila. hahaha thought we're just going there for bbq session lang. hehehe. So instead as usual, me and arman had photo shoot session. The beach is nice ( but ofcourse its still diff from boracay.) The sand is also nice too. No sea shells on the sand. Sarap maglakad :)

the beach is crowded in the afternoon.

Had another great moments with my friends :) The boys were the one who helped us to bbq our food. goodjob tlaga kayo! Soo much fun! :)

Travel time is approx. 1 hr ( if youre coming from hk side.) You can take MTR and get off at the Shau Kei wan Station.You can take mini-bus or bus to go there. You may also want to visit Stanley beach ( famous beach in hk ) as it is only located on the other side.
Mommy She
Watched Terminator Salvation with my hubby last fri at Festival Walk,Kowloon Tong.Was supposed to be our movie date but turned out to be double date...with my parents :) Had a great time. We were sitting at the front row. Cinemas here are really different in phils. You can only watch the movie once not unlike in phils u can watch it twice or even stay the whole day at the movie house...para magpalamig.hahaha! Cinemas here is not that big too and u have to buy/book ticket ahead of time if u want to get good seats.and that is why we didnt have the nice seats coz we booked so late. but still ok, actually nung una nalula kame kasi malapit nga. then nagstart na yung movie. mama and me we'relike wow,biglang ang layo na natin sa screen. yun pala they adjusted the screen.kawawa naman kasi yung mga super harap. :)The movie is nice but kinda similar from the movie war of the worlds. But overall, we enjoyed the movie :) next movie, transformers. :) im so happy, were back to our movie dates. one of the things i truly miss when we were not together.wieee! :)
Mommy She
Public holiday here in hk.Woke up around 9:00am .Cooked breakfast for hubby. then we decided to watch the Dragon Boat Festival ( Tuen Ng in chinese ) in Tai Po Waterfront.It was also my first time to watch it.This festival happens on the fifth day of the fifth May in the chinese calendar.and this year it falls on May 28. Eating dumpling is part of the celebration.After that, we had our lunch at McDo. Then afterwards, went to Park N' Shop to buy grocery items for our dinner :) Shots were taken by me :) more shots at my multiply site :)

Mommy She
Today is supposed to be our flight,our supposed to be first ever out of the country together. but bec of this swine flu outbreak,we cancelled it.3 weeks before our trip. argh.hateeeee it! all set na. filed my annual leave. we've already inquired and made is on the way na sana. sayang tlga. our parents convinced us to resched it. ofcourse our health is more important. arman and me dont want to take risk too, mahirap na...i know we will not enjoy it esp wearing those mask. ang panget naman ata sa pic nun. For now i just hope and pray the pandemic flu will be over soon not just for myself but also for everyone's sake.i just cant wait to travel with hubby...
Mommy She

I so love weekend :)

Saturday- Arman and me spent a day at the Inspiration Lake.It's within the area of Disneyland's Theme Park.We thought that it was just atleast 15min walk. but we were already walking half way when we saw the map. what the heck its 2KM away from the theme park. Took us more than30mins to get to the Inspiration Lake. Our feet were really really super tired.We had lots of stopover.haha! We didnt know that there's is a bus from Disney to Inspiration Lake.We planned to ride the paddle boat but since it drizzled,so we werent able to do it. The place is really nice for family bonding and photoshoot. We even saw 3 chinese couples having their prenup :) Me and hubby had so much fun. hubby also thought me some basic photography :)

Very tiring but we had soooo much fun!
Mommy She
Our new discovery was Pepper Lunch at the Food republic in Silvercord Tsim Tsa tsui. I never knew that they have it in hk. Hubby and me had our lunch date there last saturday.

Their food is so yummy.It's a D-I-Y resto. You'll be the one who will cook your'll just do some mixing and voila!ready to eat!very affordable and worth it.

Here's arman's order

Beef Pepper Rice with Miso Soup from Pepper Lunch. HKD$38

And me since i dont feel that hungry here's my order from a viet resto.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls HKD$29

How to go to Silvercord:
- Take MTR ( train towards to Central )
- Get off at Tsim Tsa Tsui Station
- Take the Exit B1.
- Walk along HaiPhong St. towards to Silvercord.
- Food Republic is located at the G/F.